With CRAW-CANE we're not
wishing, we're catching.....
CRAW-CANE is a World Class Fish Attractant that was specifically designed to catch BASS.  When used properly, CRAW-CANE
will make your soft plastic lures almost irresistible to BASS,
as well as many other types of fish, and turn your lures
into "Fish Magnets", so that you will catch more
fish than ever before.
The CRAW-CANE Company
P. O. Box 2007
Southaven, MS 38671
(601) 493-0267
New and Impoved CRAW-CANE is now
available in the Original Natural or Garlic flavor.
Plus Shipping and Handling
Have you ever been 'a fishing, and didn't catch a thing?  Well I'd bet my BASS you weren't using CRAW-CANE!