You can now get the most powerful fish attractant ever designed to catch BASS
(as well as most other types of fish)!
New and improved CRAW-CANE is a world class fish attractant that was specially designed to catch Bass!  CRAW-CANE comes in two flavors, the original Natural and the New Garlic, and both flavors have proven to be unresistable to Bass, as well as most other types of fish.  You can now order CRAW-CANE for only
plus shipping and handling.
No more messy sprays, gels, or paste, like the other attractants on the market.
Place CRAW-CANE in any ziplock bag of soft plastic baits, getting a good coverage on all baits, and reseal to flavor.  Tip, by placing the bag in direct sunlight you will enhance the flavor faster.  Remember to keep your baits stored in CRAW-CANE, and sealed airtight, until used.

The longer the soft plastics marinate in CRAW-CANE, the stronger the attraction
is to fish.

The CRAW-CANE Company
P.O. Box 2007
Southaven, Mississippi 38671
(601) 493-0267
"Have you ever been a'fishing and didn't catch a thing, I'll bet my BASS you didn't use CRAW-CANE!"